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Experiencing the Way of Tea
Traditional Tea Ceremony
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A Tea Brewing class
Honganji, the Yabuuchi head family Purveyor
Foundation Meiji five years
(since 1872)
235 Aburanokōji Hanaya-cho Sagaru, Shimogyō-ku, Kyoto 600-8347, Japan

A question and an inquiry are to here.
Close on Sunday and National holiday
TEL: +81-75-371-1013
FAX: +81-75-361-3909

Experiencing the Way of Tea

■ Traditional Tea Ceremony Experience


You will enjoy seasonal sweets and Uji Matcha in a traditional tea ceremony atmosphere.  No dress code required.

The master will tell you a history of Uji tea and the way of tea as well as the manners you need to know when attending a tea gathering.
The master will serve you a bowl of Matcha in Yabunouchi way of tea.
You will have your chance to prepare a second bowl of green tea on your own.  
No experiences required. 
We only accept reservations from 2 or more people for the Tea Ceremony Experience.
Only 20 seats are available, so please call or fax to make a reservation.
We are flexible with time and numbers of people.  Please ask.

Fee  ¥3,000

*When the master needs to attend the tea ceremony, this experience may not be available.
*If you wish, we can prepare Koicha, which is very thick Matcha. Please ask.

For reservations, please call 075-371-1013, fax 075-361-3909 or fill in the entry form below.

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