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Tea at Bikouen
Experiencing the Way of Tea
Traditional Tea Ceremony
Making Matcha
Tasting Matcha
A Tea Brewing class
Honganji, the Yabuuchi head family Purveyor
Foundation Meiji five years
(since 1872)
235 Aburanokōji Hanaya-cho Sagaru, Shimogyō-ku, Kyoto 600-8347, Japan

A question and an inquiry are to here.
Close on Sunday and National holiday
TEL: +81-75-371-1013
FAX: +81-75-361-3909

Experiencing the Way of Tea

■ Making Matcha

Making MatchaNumber of people : 1 to 20
Time : about 20 minutes
Fee : \ 1,300

You will enjoy seasonal sweets and Uji Matcha in a very casual way. No need for you to wear Kimono!
The master will give you a brief summery of tea history and the manners. You will prepare a Mattacha on your own using a bamboo whisk. The master will not serve you.

You do not need to make reservations but we recommend you do so that we can let you know if we are booked full.
For reservations, please call 075-371-1013, fax 075-361-3909 or fill in the entry form below.

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